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How to Add Value and Appeal to your Property

Abbeyfords' Essential Guide to Presenting Your Home for Sale

If you are ready to make the move to a new pad, it’s worth looking at some simple ways that you can make your home more appealing to buyers so that you can attract early interest and a strong offer.

First Impressions

First impressions are everything and viewers will make their initial judgement on your property before they even step inside. It’s important that any front garden or space is tidy, well maintained and clear from messy leaves, with fences and decking cleaned and painted. Wheelie bins whould be hidden behind a gate or neatly arranged if this is not possible. It is worth making sure that your front door is well painted and that any brass or chrome finishings are gleaming. If you have a doorbell, make sure that it works. Lastly, it pays to make sure that all windows, frames and outside lights are clean and free from debris so that buyers will get the best impression of how your home has been cared for.

If you are selling your house in the winter and the garden is looking a little bare, add a splash of colour with a few pots of flowering plants near the front door or located at a focal point in your garden.


Many buyers will wish for parking facilities at their ideal property so if you have this, make sure that your viewers can easily park their car when visiting your home by leaving space on the driveway or as close to the property as possible.

If your viewings are taking place in poor light or in the evenings, put any outside lights on to accentuate the property and so that your viewers can easily find their way to the main door. And remember, when viewers are waiting for you to let them in, they will have plenty of chance to take in their surroundings.


A property that is decorated in light colours allows the internal space to look as generous as possible. Also, reflective surfaces, such as mirrors, can further enhance the space and light in your home. Many buyers want to be able to put their own mark on a home and it’s essential that they can see your property as a blank canvas.

So, before you pick up a paintbrush to redecorate, take a few moments to think about the best colours to use. Our team is at the end of the phone or email if you would like some advice.


Cleaning & Clutter

Inside, presentation is vital so remove any clutter and dress with selected accessories that complement the colour schemes and accentuate the best features and style of your home. Some fresh flowers always help to brighten up a living room or bedroom and scented candles or diffusers can also boost the appeal of these rooms. In the kitchen, keep the surfaces as clear as possible to give the best impression on space available to cook and live.

Finishing touches, such as matching accessories, a few well chosen pictures and a bowl of fruit will enhance the freshness of this room and some freshly brewed coffee can be inviting. In any bathroom, small touches like co-ordinating accessories and towels go a long way to create a show home ambience.


Viewers may be looking for good storage facilities, which could mean they will investigate fitted cupboards and wardrobes. It pays to reorganize your storage so that cupboards and any garage space are tidy and not over-crammed, allowing viewers to appreciate the available space.

Similarly, it is best that larger items such as vacuum cleaner are stored out of sight so as not to highlight a suitable lack of storage.

It is a good opportunity to start clearing your home of unwanted items. The use of storage units can not only be practical but also look appealing too and create the inviting environment that buyers are looking for.


If you have pets, whilst you will adore them, many viewers may not and it may benefit you to consider how to minimize the presence of any cats and dogs for viewing appointments.

Hosting the Viewing

Be friendly as you invite viewers into your home but don’t be afraid to set boundaries if necessary. For example, politely asking viewers to remove their shoes can be appropriate and will reassure prospective purchasers that you care for your home.

There are many ways to show a viewer around a property, but it is always worth finishing your tour in the area which highlights its best feature if possible. This will leave buyers with a final fantastic impression that will encourage them to rush to Abbeyfords and place their offer.

Be welcoming and ready to answer any questions that your viewers may have, but don’t feel pressured into agreeing a sale on the spot. It is proven that agents get much higher prices and it is much more effective to ask buyers to contact Abbeyfords so that negotiations can reach the best conclusion for you.